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Welcome to the website of the Vienna International Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Thank you for visiting the website of the Vienna International Seventh-day Adventist Church. Here in this page you will find some information about our Church and our faith. If you are here in Vienna, please do come and visit us. We are a multicultural community of faith. So you have good chances of meeting someone from your country, or at least from your continent! We are here to be God’s hands and feet right in the middle of Vienna. Our doors are open to people of all backgrounds. Whether you're searching to fill a spiritual void and just starting to ask questions about God, or if you're a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at Vienna International Seventh-day Adventist Church. Until then we are wishing you God’s richest blessings.




On Sunday the 7th of March the Health Department invited for a Cooking Class with the topic „Fullcorn“.

We prepared Fullcorn Noodles, Falaffel, Bread, Cake,....
Young and Old helped together in cooking and eating. Even some Gentlemen were curious about the new cooking style.
We can say, everybody enjoyed to learn and taste more about „Fullcorn“ dishes. But picture sometimes tell more than words, so just have a glance!

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The Mission of Hope

After impacting the big cities of Austria, the Mission Team of the Seminary in Bogenhofen decided to return to the country´s capital during November 20-21 and team up with the English-speaking Church of S. d. Adventists in doing Mission




On Sunday the 27th of September the Seventh-day Adventist English Church met early in the morning in order to keep their bodies and minds healthy and active. A small group of around 15 people joined the program of the Church Health Department (LLG): HIKING IN VIENNA`S “LAINZER TIERGARTEN.